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In partnership with Bristol Business School at the University of the West of England, the Portfolio Careers Day exceeded expectations as a showcase of the various career options available to senior people, and as a great place to meet peers and share ideas. We are keen to share details of what to do next, provide some more opportunities to access free help and information, and to get some feedback from those who have already taken the initiative and made positive changes to their career development plans.

From the outset, we had aimed for the event to represent a community of peers; having had the benefit of nearly 100 individual experiences brought to bear alongside the expert speakers, we were not disappointed. But while these events are positive and provide impetus and support, how many people have taken the next step and started changing their behaviours, gaining new skills or adopting new strategies?

Five good steps forward:

  1. Go for coffee! - Get in contact with at least one other person you made contact with on the day. Depending on where you are in the career development cycle, this could simply be to catch up with someone you found to be a support or “running mate”; it could be someone with an allied interest or perhaps someone who has had some useful experiences. We are keen to keep things directed and useful - time management is an important aspect of portfolio management – so make sure you know why you are meeting, but take the time to make meaningful connections.
  2. Evaluate the outcomes – While very much aimed at providing an overview of a number of topics rather than an exhaustive interrogation of any particular one, there should have been some new information, a new perspective or novel approach that came from the day. What was it and what are you going to do about it? We are not expecting you to re-orientate your entire strategy based upon the event, but which behaviours might you change, and which areas would you like to explore? A few weeks after the event is a good time to evaluate where you would like to see a new outcome.
  3.  Join the club! (or at least the LinkedIn group!) – We are delighted to announce that we now have a programme of monthly careers seminars and a quarterly “Careers Café”. There’s more information in this newsletter, but they are free (or nominal fee) events, so we would encourage anyone to find out more and continue their development at one of these events. To keep pace with developments from the day and share experiences with others, join our LinkedIn group.
  4. Plug the gaps – We are an education provider so it is obvious we would like you to consider some of our courses, which can be found here. There are many other ways to add skills depending on your current position - the key at any stage is to recognise any disparity in your skills and your activities or aspirations. It is an obvious point but one quickly forgotten when engaged in fulfilling your current roles. We have embedded access to a number of routes to new skills and experiences, often for free, so please get in touch if you wish to discuss any specific gaps. The first step, however, is to consider where you would like to improve your abilities.
  5. Consider your plan – What do you want to do next? Having given up a Saturday to gain insights into career development, how would you like your career plans to evolve? Again, it is a leap to suggest that you are going to radically change course based on one careers event, but how are you going to keep the momentum going and keep career and skills development in mind? We have numerous interventions aimed at specific areas, but a good start again would be to consider coming to the next careers seminar. Following the previous four steps and taking time to set some career goals (perhaps business development goals) would be a good start.

Introducing the Careers Café and monthly Careers Seminars

Following numerous requests for more information and follow-up to the Portfolio Careers Day, and to help people who were unable to make it to the event, we are delighted to introduce the Careers Cafe, in partnership with Foot Anstey. Careers Seminars will be held two months out of three and will be introduced by a speaker covering an area of career development; the third month will be a Careers Cafe, where experts from a range of topics will be available to offer you the opportunity to discuss specific areas of your career. Both events will give a chance to network and to discuss your own issues in career or business development.

Although there’s a structure to these events they are very much interactive and a great opportunity to make new contacts or to address specific issues. We hope to see you there.

The Non-Executive Director Course – Less than one week away!

Non-executive directorship is an emerging trend in all sectors, and one that has seen significant interest. With less than one week to go, now is the time to book your place and take advantage of a free space at the NED careers event, where you can access live, current positions.
The course is for serving and aspiring non-executive directors and covers the legal and functional aspects of the role as well as strategies to secure NED positions. In association with Bristol Business School, the course blends corporate governance for large and small companies with insights and strategies that inform best practice in the role itself. Importantly, the course also covers how to build a career as a NED.
Working with partners across law, accounting, education and directorship, we have developed a course that gives the right mix of experience and academic rigour to equip aspiring and serving NEDs to address the market and improve effectiveness within it.
To book your place, click here.

To view other events and courses – click here!

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