Nov 272020
Non-Executive Directors

What they are and how to become one

by Ray Fox

Have you seen appointments about Non-Executive Directors and ever wondered how they got there? What does it involve? and what could the possible remuneration be?

You may have heard it said “what’s the difference between a Non-Executive Director and a supermarket trolley?”

The answer – “you can usually get more booze into a Non-Executive Director than a supermarket trolley.”

So much for this perception – but what is the reality? This book looks at the duties and responsibilities of what being an NED involves. It looks at the personality traits of a Non-Exec Director and where one might find possible opportunities. We look at the tax implication and also a cautionary word of warning. Template business documents are also included in the appendix.


Nov 272020
The NED Directors Handbook

How to become effective, get noticed and exercise proper due diligence (Company Directors' Masterclass)

by Richard Winfield (Author)

Obtaining a non-executive directorship can be a valuable objective in furthering your career – either as a stepping stone to an executive role on your main board or in building a portfolio of activities based on your expertise, experience and contacts.

The NED Directors Handbook will help you achieve this goal. It explains how to develop a plan to get yourself noticed, how to exercise due diligence and how to decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you.

Joining a board of directors enables you to make a significant contribution to the success of an organisation as well as bringing personal rewards; but it also involves responsibilities and risks. Where regulation and litigation are concerned, ignorance is not an excuse. That’s why this practical handbook also introduces you to the roles, responsibilities and risks you should be aware of as a director, and provides you with some tools to enable you to become more confident, more effective, more quickly.

Nov 262020

This is a special bonus episode. David is interviewed by his very first guest, Kean Gardner. David shares lessons learned from 2+ years of podcasting and developing a portfolio of work around his Portfolio Career Podcast. 

You will learn:

- how there there are tiers and plateaus in a podcasting journey

- how creating a podcast can lead to a modern marketing set of skills

- benefits of podcasting that people overlook

- how podcasting has led to professional work organically


As always, this episode with notes is available on my website


Source: Portfolio Careers Podcast

Nov 192020

In 2020, Özlem Özkan published a memoir called The Student. Most of her career has been as a teacher, in addition to experience in business development and sales. Her passions lies into at the intersection of leadership, common values among different cultures, and personal growth. This led her to starting her podcast, Bridging, in 2020. If you are interested in launching a podcast or writing a book, this episode is for you!

In this episode, you will learn:

- why and how Özlem wrote her book 

- why Özlem thinks everyone should a write a book

- how Özlem pivoted and was able to get some opportunities

- the core pillars that Özlem has focused on throughout her Portfolio Career

As always, this episode with notes is available on my website

Connect with Özlem on Instagram

Source: Portfolio Careers Podcast

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